Friday, May 9, 2008

Know and Tell Friday: Mother's Day Edition

Happy Mother's Day everyone. I'm just now getting to my Know and Tell Friday questions, it's been a busy but very blessed day.

Question 1. In what way are you like your mom?

I actually don't think I'm a lot like my mom. We are just two very different people. She has a lot of qualities that I wish I had. One way that I am like her is my hands. When I look down at my hands, I realize that I am looking at her hands. It's a bizarre thing. The only real difference is that I bite my nails and she has long pretty ones.

Question 2. What is your earliest, or favorite, memory of your mom?

My most favorite memory of my mom is an ongoing, throughout childhood, memory. When I was young (actually up until the age I told her to quit) she would tuck me in at night. She would sing songs with me, read to me and listen to me. Now that I am a mom, it blows my mind to think about how much time she took out of her evening to do that. She did it with my twin sisters also.

Question 3. What are the qualities you admire in your mom?

My mom is an amazing friend to those around her. She has this group of women that have been friends forever. They all confide in each other, spend time together, pray together. It's very beautiful. The other thing I admire is her patience, compassion and understanding. I could use a lot more of that.

Question 4. Do you stay in touch with your mom?

Every day, she watches my kids for me while I work.

Question 5. Are you the kind of mom you want to be?

Overall, I think I am. I have a lot of room for improvement but I try and spend time with my kids and work really hard at doing things that they love to do. I used to think I was a bad mom because I wasn't a stay at home mom. When I finally came to terms with the fact that I was probably never going to be that, I realized that being at home doesn't make you a good or bad mom.

Question 6. What is your favorite thing about being a mom?

I love everything about being a mom. When I first had kids I really thought that I would never like any stages over toddler age. I absolutly love being pregnant, delivering, being up all night, nursing forever, the list goes on and on for me. Now that my "baby" is six I realize that I love all the ages my kids are at now. I love when they learn a new truth or concept. I love when they make time for each other and are kind with their friends. They really amaze me.

Question 7. Would you ever approach a mom you didn’t know with unsolicited advice concerning her mothering skills?

No, I would never do that. I have gone up to women that are nursing and encouraged them with that and if my friends ask me my opinion, I will give it.

Check down below for Reese's post for our Mr. Linky. You can add your name when you do your own Know and Tell Friday.

I hope you have a very blessed Mother's Day.

Check back with us every Friday, we'll be hosting Know and Tell Friday for awhile.



  1. That was beautiful Heather... I have always thought you are a great mom... I love the way you make time for one on one with all your kids, and encourage them to be who they are. They are a joy to be around...


  2. OK, I typed a whole, long response to each question and lost it when I tried to post. GRRRR!!!

    I'm not up to typing it all again, so I will summarize by saying...I love my mom, I love being a mom, and I wish you all a wonderful Mother's Day! ;)

  3. Oh, Nancy! That happened to me last night too. I actually had the whole thing completely done and ready for Reese to add to when she got up and when I went to save it, it all went away. I wrote a venting email to Reese and went to bed! She saved the day and when I woke up it was all better.


  4. I so much like reading your answers.
    It took me time to realize what sacrifice every little gesture means. I struggled with my personal development alot. I was freed when I came to terms with who I am and not comparing myself to anyone. I know that I want to be the best mum my children can have.
    I absolutely loved your answer at #6. And I am grateful for a rather abrupt but very beneficial intervention that encouraged me to breastfeed my son. I am grateful to that lady!
    Wishing you and your moms health, joy and happiness on Mother's Day and always.
    (And thank you for letting me know about your hosting Know and Tell!)

  5. Hooray for Know & Tell Friday! I am so glad that you all will be hosting this for awhile.

    My answers are up.

  6. happy mothers day heather!
    happy mothers day reese!
    God bless your mama hearts!

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