Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Book Review: Change of Heart

It's very likely that I just read my last Jodi Picoult book. Change of Heart felt like anti-Christian, many-paths-to-God, embrace-world-religions propaganda. Don't get me wrong: I don't expect non-Christians to write as a Christian would or even to uphold Christian values, but I am offended when they add their written voice to the wave of assaults on our values. If Christians were a violent group of people, as the European Muslims tend to be, books like this would incite riots. Jesus is not going to come back in the body of a convicted murderer, no matter what good that convict may try to do.

The writing was good; she definitely has talent. But I can read writers with equal talent that don't make me want to lose my lunch.

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  1. After reading my Sister's Keeper (my 3rd JP book)I vowed to never read another book by her because I wanted to crawl under a rock it was so depressing. She sure has talent for the melodramatic and heart wrenching stories that make you want to tear your heart out