Wednesday, July 23, 2008


I just thought I'd throw out there that Sally Hansen Hair Removal Wax Strips really work. They might draw out with the hair an unstoppable scream though.

After the first scream Tim yelled from the 3rd floor, "Are you alright?"

I yelled, from the 1st floor, "I waxed my face!"

After the second scream he yelled again, "What's going on?! Are you okay?"

I yelled back, "Yeah! I'm waxing my face."

"How can you do that twice?!" He called. After some investigation I found that he thought I had said I
whacked my face! What a dork he must think I am if I'm whacking my face twice in a row!

I've only had the courage to use two strips. After The Boys go to bed I'll try to get to the others.

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  1. lol that is way to funny you are braver than I

  2. I waxed my legs once and I broke out in a really serious rash that seemed to last forever. So, with that said, I stick to shaving my pits and legs, and plucking the rest.

    More power to you for whacking yourself twice.

  3. LOL! That cracks me up! It is so painful. I've tried using those things too. I always get so scared before I yank the strip because I know it's going to HURT!

    You are one brave chick!


  4. All I can say to that is.... DUHHHH!???

    What a hoot!!!

  5. I have used Sally Jensen for years and love it (once the initial shock and awe wears off!)

    LOL that he thought you said you whacked your face!