Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Magic of the Laundromat

I had several blankets and comforters that needed to be washed, so I took up residence at the base laundromat yesterday for a full two hours. I brought along all the other laundry that needed washing as well. The kids tell me it felt like we spent all day there, but to me time flew. See, I'm convinced that for a SAHM, a laundromat is a magical place. (Especially for a mom with a mini-washing machine and dryer.) Where else can I go to do two day's worth of laundry in two hour's time?! It was bliss.

So, forget the coffee shop...

forget the gym...

don't even bother with a stroll through the park...

or a day at the beach...

All the soul-lifting, mind-easing rest you need...

is at the laundromat!

You may even find a giant moth to make your smile a little wider.

(BTW, my headache is nearly gone, just a lingering tightness and a bruise. I fell asleep at 10pm, which is spectacular compared to my bedtimes of late. But I woke up again at 3am... all I could think about was how I had misspelled "laundromat" in my last post! LOL! I almost got up out of bed right then to fix it! Good grief...)

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  1. I have actually never used a laundromat! LOL!

    I love the pictures you took with your new camera. How creative to take your camera to the laundromat!