Friday, July 11, 2008

Sieze The Day!

Tim and I were talking last night on the way home from our tame-yet-immensely-satisfying-dinner-and-a-movie date about whether our newlywed selves would feel good about where we are now. Not as a couple, and not as far as physical location, but in the general direction our individual lives have taken. For the most part, Tim felt he would be very happy because he is well on his way to having a professional home recording studio. That was a dream he thought was unattainable once.

My first reaction was No Way! I'm not a writer, I'm not an actress or a photographer, I haven't completed college, I don't have a career of any kind, and any hobbies I want to pursue are in their infancy. Please understand that I am not talking about my role as a mom; I have loved my kids since before they were born and would gladly trade in any dream and desire of my own to have them. I'm talking about aspects of myself and my interests, independent of anyone else. So as I thought about it, I realized that I'm not unhappy so much because of what I haven't accomplished so much as by what I haven't tried. I've always wanted to take acting classes, but I don't really want to be an actress. I've always wanted to take baking classes, and even thought I'd like to open a bakery. But my short-lived dream of a bakery suggest it's not so much a business I want to open as much as a skill I want to master. In fact, I now remember that I wanted to be a writer because I felt I could pursue all my interests and make a career of it. I could bake, take pictures, act, learn all sorts of new and interesting facts and skills and do it all for the sake of my career: writing. What a deal, eh?!

So, I'm looking to broaden my horizons. Acting classes? You bet... and in London, no less! What a dream-not-dreamt-come true! And baking and cooking classes... photography classes... you may even find me studying the textbooks for classes I can't take right now. I'm not too old, no matter what that crease between my eyebrows tries to suggest.

Carpe Diem!

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  1. Glad you had a fun night out for your anniversary. Unattained dreams...I guess that's what keeps us motivated!

  2. You must certainly go ahead and do it. Becoming an actress doesn't have to do with it. Do it because you feel the urge. It's release you're after. And creativity and comfort in baking. Yes, do it. You'll be happy you did and so will be everyone else!

    P.S. Happy Anniversary!It will be 14 for us next week!

  3. i heard about a 70 year old who went back to school. soooooo inspiring!!!

  4. Good for go, girl! As a matter of fact, you're "50 Things to do before I die" list has inspired me to create such a list of my own. I haven't actually done it yet, mind you. But I have been thinking about it. I've come up with a few so far (in my head), now I just need to get them on paper. Who knows...maybe it will be a post someday!