Monday, July 14, 2008

Friend Nominees Anyone?

As I went about my evening routine here in England, I mulled the best way to approach this post asking for friendship nominees to the Crazyville Friendship Hall of Fame. I considered whining and moaning, ranting in exasperation, pleading on the verge of tears, rolling out the guilt trips, and waxing poetic. In the end, though, I'm going to write this post with my eyes half closed. See, we had a spectacular day at the beach yesterday, got home fairly late, then placed a call to my beloved mother-in-law back in Oregon at 11:30 pm (our time). We all chatted until almost 2 am. I'm tired. Every scrap of energy I could muster was used up already on dishes, dinner and the bedtime routine. I'm spent.

So, another call for nominees to our newly introduced friendship Hall of Fame. Anyone?

Cheers! (And to show that I care, I'll give you a peek at the beach we were on. Beautiful, huh?! You can click on the pics to enlarge.)

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  1. Beautiful beach! I've been meaning to nominate some friends...need to get around to doing that! Will try to do it soon! Thanks for the reminder.

  2. How do I nominate a friend?

  3. Annie - You just email Reese & I at:

    Also, you can look at this post for more details:

    I'm sorry, I don't know how to use tags so that you can just click on that, but I think if you copy and paste it into your browser, you will find it.

    If that doesn't work..let us know and we can get the info to you via email!

    I can't wait to read some friend nominees!


  4. Billie - Go for it! LOL! I think Reese is the PERFECT person to be nominated!