Sunday, July 27, 2008

A Little Fun with Johnny Depp

I was a little surprised by the passionate outpouring of deep admiration displayed for Johnny Depp by so many of the lovely ladies who participated in Know and Tell Friday. I guess I thought I was the only one with this particular schoolgirl crush. Oddly enough, I never thought much at all about Johnny D until Pirates of the Caribbean came out. What is it about Jack Sparrow that is so darn appealing?

Some of the comments from KATF participants were interesting, including Heather's insinuation that she had shared an evening with JD in Germany and Nancy's observation that he would "just be fun to look at." Lora would pick Johnny up "of course" and Kari mused about why the question even needed to be asked: "Johnny Depp, hands down. Who needs the Queen?" Jodi called him "easy on the eyes" and
Deb R would pick him up, but only of it wasn't an election year.

There were those who showed less love for Mr Depp, including Jodi who actually said "Ugh" and only grudgingly offered Johnny D a ride if she had to! Annie
couldn't pick him up (I think that requires explanation!), but offered a ride to him with her friend. Christine was very democratic and fair, saying she would give a ride to the one who "got in the car fastest." Jodi hoped for her sake it was JD.

Kayren vowed to pass the whole group by and keep an eye open for Barbara Bush.

I must admit that isn't the first time I've tried to sneak in a question about the Johnmeister. A couple of Fridays ago I actually had him at the hypothetical front door with a plate of brownies- but I couldn't think of what to have him do next and couldn't see where the question part fit in! Who knows, maybe he'll pop in again some future Friday!

All the Depp Talk did get me in the mood for one of his movies, so at the library today I checked out "Secret Window". I'm already shaking in my shoes! I've had opportunities to watch it before, but chickened out. I'm going to make myself sit through it this time.

Cheers! Happy Sunday!

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  1. i love this post, it cracked me up. mark said "finally i see what he really looks like"
    i am commenting from my Wii, that is why it looks strange. heather

  2. Sorry Reese... just not a fan of him. Now my MIL on the other hand...she would jump at the chance to pick him up.

  3. LOL! No need to apologize, Jodi. My mom always said "To each his own."

    I don't think that means we each get our own Johnny Depp, though.....


  4. I'm not too familiar with his films. I'm probably one of the few. Maybe when I do watch one, I'll have a thought. But for now, I'm wordless.

    Thanks for visiting my blog and viewing my vacation pics.

    Have fun this week!

  5. Did you enjoy Secret Window? I liked the twist in it! Have you seen Chocolat? That's a good one, too. He plays those quirky characters very well.

  6. Funny!
    Natalie is one of my bff's sisters... she is infatuated with JD! I know that if I were to ever see him she would be the first person I would call!
    I like him, like him in movies... since I've never actually met him :o).