Tuesday, July 1, 2008

OY!!! I'm Giddy With Excitement!

I got my camera today! I've been researching them- which kind of a silly thing to do since it's all mumbo-jumbo to me anyway- and finally decided on the Canon Rebel XTi. A friend from church convinced me that I didn't need the
much more expensive Canon model I had my sights on, and I decided to get this one only after Tim promised I could upgrade if ever it became necessary.

The battery is currently charging, so no pictures have been taken yet. Trust me, you'll have a front row seat view of my new hobby!

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  1. Oh yeah! I am so excited for you! I can't wait to see lots and lots of pics!


  2. So excited for you, that is the one that I have my eye on too... Can't wait to hear what you think of it.


  3. I've been researching cameras, as if I really know what I'm doing, so I'm going to keep watching and see what your camera puts out. I've been completely unwilling to give up my trusty Minolta and go digital (I have a cheapy), but it's about time.

    I do have two questions:
    1. Does your camera take the picture quick with no delays, you know, like a normal camera does?
    2. Was the expensive one the 40D?
    Okay, actually three questions:
    3. Why an xti instead of xsi? Like I really know the difference, but why anyway?

  4. Pink Daisy Girl:

    1. Yes, it takes very quick pictures and I think there is a setting to take them even faster than I do now, but I haven't found that yet.

    2. I initially had my sights on the 5D, then grudgingly lowered them to the 40D. My friend from church has been into photography for 10 years and insisted that I didn't need to 40D. He directed me to this site:


    So, I gave in and got the XTi.

    3. I looked around at a few reviews of the XTi compared to the XSi and found (at least at one site) a slightly higher user rating on the XTi. That, along with the cheaper price tag, solidified it for me. I also compared them on the same website as the one my friend recommended, but, really it was useless because it's might as well be Greek!

    The only slight buyer's remorse I've suffered from is that after purchasing the XTi I was flipping through some photography magazines and they were all abuzz about the XSi. Then I started to wonder if I'd made a mistake. Practically speaking, I doubt if I'd notice a difference between the two, being a bona fide novice and all.