Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Ministry of Helping the Less (Materially) Fortunate

Since reading Red Letters by Tom Davis and this post, also by Tom, I've been thinking about ways to sacrifice my own comforts and give to the less fortunate. If I worked outside my home it would be easier... I'd simply write a check and/or save for a mission trip. I'd gladly give each month to support a missionary or an orphaned child. Not having much money hampers things a bit. Of course, there's Tim's paycheck and we've never practiced a your/mine routine with the bank accounts- it's all ours. But, that being said, we have to be on the same page. He isn't opposed to helping the needy, but it isn't forefront in his mind, not unlike most Western Christians.

I sell things on eBay now and then, so I listed some books I've meant to sell and stated that all the profits will be given to The Children's HopeChest via 5 for 50. The trouble is that books don't sell very well on eBay unless they are in high demand and when they do sell they go for cheap. So far, with two-and-a-half days left, I don't have even a watcher much less a bidder. (sigh.) I will probably relist them if they don't sell and add a few more books to it. They are older Trixie Belden books and the lots usually go pretty well. I have a load of extras from my buying spree last year. I've managed to collect a whole set and am selling the extras. Eventually, I'll get those all sold and list some other stuff as well.

I've emailed asking if Saint's Coffee can be sent to APO's. If so, I'll try it. What a great way to help out, huh?! Buy coffee, feed an orphan.

How do you help the less fortunate, the orphans, the widows? I'd like to hear so I can get some ideas.

I need to add that the idea that these people are "less fortunate" is to ignore how God sees us. Look at the Sermon on the Mount and see what Jesus said about those who are weak and poor and humble by worldly standards. How much better off most of would be if our spiritual eyes weren't clouded by our possessions. To give out of our own wealth does little to hurt us physically but helps us spiritually when we lighten our worldly load.

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  1. that is soooo cool reese. great idea. i have a friend that makes really neat bags and auctions them off via a blog site and then gives all the cash to Darfur -- to help with the crisis there. isn't that great? some of her baggio's have sold for hundreds and hundreds of dollars!

    i think there are opportunities like that available for all of us. each one will look a little different but if we seek -- we will find.

    i can't sew bags....but i used to make cinnamon buns to raise funds for the tsunami crisis in 2005. i was able to garner a wack of cash that way -- THROUGH CINNAMON of all things. we serve a creative God and He wants to show His glory in creative ways!


  2. monetary is not the only way of helping people. It happens to be the first thing people often think of. Remember this though, in times of struglle and crisis, what is wanted most beside money? Friendship and or just basic deeds of needs. A friend just had a baby, pulling her hair out from lack of sleep- babysit. Someone has been unwell, come over and help with the dishes, or vacume. People surround us that need help, it is our job to step up and say let me- when they can't for themselves or even ask....