Monday, July 28, 2008

Crazyville On The Big Screen

Hubby decided that our Wii needed to be hooked up to the internet this weekend. At first I was digging my heals in, I mean, is that really necessary? Well, no, it's not..but, it sure is fun!
My first stop: Crazyville!
Look how awesome it looks on our 65 inch wide screen. I'm loving it! LOL!

The major drawback is that I got lost in YouTube land last night. I went back in time to all the old Michael W. Smith concerts that I had attended as a teen. Today I am missing all those great times so I have shut my office door and I enjoying all my old MWS favorites on my iPod.

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  1. I happened across your blog and just wanted to leave a comment saying "Fantastic!" :) I feel the same way about my best friend - and we're a world apart as well. thanks for sharing your blog :)