Thursday, July 3, 2008

I'm Shrinking

Many of you who teach Sunday School, or have kids in Sunday School may know this song:

Read your Bible, Pray everyday
and you'll grow, grow, grow
and you'll grow, grow, grow
Forget to read your Bible, forget to pray
and you'll shrink, shrink, shrink
and you'll shrink, shrink, shrink

There are motions that go along with it and while you say the word "grow" you get taller up on your tip toes and when you say the word "shrink" you go very low until you are laying on the ground.

The other day McKenna and I were walking in the store and she says "you know mom, I'm shrinking". I said "you are?". She replies with "yep, I haven't prayed in awhile, so I'm shrinking". My first thought was how profound the statement was. I was thinking how wise she was to know that her relationship with God would shrink if she didn't take care of it. My second thought was that I haven't been very consistent about praying about bed time; that's something I need to fix.
After that I didn't think too much of it, but the next morning she says to me "mom, I'm not kidding, if I don't start praying, I'm going to shrink more". Then it dawns on me. She really believes that by not praying she will physically shrink! Poor kid. We had a good talk about what the song really means. She thought she was going to get pretty small if she didn't start praying consistently. Despite it being funny, it's a good thing for all of us to remember.

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  1. LOL! Thanks for the smile first thing in the morning. Poor girl! What a relief to find that she's not going to actually shrink.


  2. She is something else... I wonder how small she got in her litte