Saturday, July 26, 2008

Persecution and Martyrdom Around the World

I came across this offer of a free arm band to serve as a reminder to pray for China during the upcoming Olympic Games. I happen to be reading Safely Home by Randy Alcorn, which is a novel that highlights the persecution of the Church in China. It's been a very eye-opening and informative book. I didn't know that there are actually government sanctioned churches in China, but that they aren't allowed to preach certain things, such as that Jesus (Yesu) is the savior of the world. It is illegal to educate anyone under 18 about religion. Many Christians who participate in home churches are persecuted and martyred, though the government is very careful to hide these things from the watching world.

When I followed the link to the Voice of the Martyrs website I saw the program to write and encourage those who have been imprisoned for their faith. There is a newsletter to subscribe to and other available resources. If you want more information on that, click here.

What a blessing it would be to the global Body of Christ if Western Christians became more aware and much more involved in the plight of our fellow brothers and sisters. There are those living in extreme restriction and even losing their lives for the sake of Christ while most of us go about our lives without a true care. Please consider what God would have you do to ease the burden of these courageous Christians.

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  1. This sounds like a good book! My dad has travelled to China several times now and it is amazing to hear what he tells about it. I would LOVE to go! One of our minister friends is taking a team this week, that includes a Christian dance team that will be perfoming in the opening ceremonies for the Olympics. I'm so excited for them and the opportunites that they will have!

  2. After reading this book, I will never think of China, heaven, God, and our purpose on this earth in the same way, and I'm sure you won't be able to either.

    A great read! Glad you liked it.
    We are daily praying for the upcoming Olympics.

    Did you happen to see - on the Voice of the Martyrs website - were they have publications that can be sent out to your home? There is a great one for family and kids to become more aware of what life is like for Christians in China.

    There have been some interesting documentaries on PBS lately. Not sure if you can get access to those.

    I love to hear how the Holy Spirit is burning in your heart, before you read the book, and even more after.