Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Menu Plan Monday: Heather Style

That cracks me up! Menu Plan Monday: Heather Style! If you lived in my house, you'd understand why that is so funny! Do you want to know what we have "eaten" every night for the last 2 weeks (no kidding!)? Smoothies..yes, every night...smoothies!

Here's the deal. I hate to eat, especially in the summer. I know, it sounds like I have some huge mental problem when I say that, but it's true. I'm just not into food. I drink something all day long. Normally, I drink my Pepsi, but occasionally I shake it up with a good smoothie.

My husband is wonderful and will BBQ so the kids actually get real food, but I figure they eat protein, dairy and other good stuff throughout the day that a smoothie for dinner, with something healthy before bed, is not going to kill them, and it makes this mommy happy!

Here's what I put in my smoothies: frozen fruit (peaches, strawberries & melons), 2 bananas, yogurt, milk, fresh fruit (always blueberries & raspberries) & orange juice.

I should mix it up a bit and buy different stuff, but I know that all my kids will drink it this way, without whining or complaining, and they absolutely love it!

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  1. Please whip one up for me. They sound delish!!!

  2. Yummy! I love smoothies but we don't make them very often.

    I'm glad you posted this! I must admit, I wondered what you guys eat for dinner! LOL! The only thing I can picture your family having for dinner are the two things I've had with you: pizza and those yummy chili soft tacos. I still remember the tacos from like 5 years ago. I need to make those again sometime....

  3. yummy no wonder you stay so thin

  4. My smoothies are always the same too: frozen fruit (strawberries, peaches, blueberries), fresh bananas, vanilla yogurt, milk, and a spoonful of grape juice concentrate. Nobody complains about them being the same all the time!

    ~ Kayren

  5. Wow! Those sound delicious, Heather!

  6. Yum! I love smoothies! I haven't made many so far this summer...need to get on that!