Sunday, July 20, 2008

Purses, Purses Everywhere

"Balls are to men what purses are to women."
~Sarah Jessica Parker

As we were leaving London, we kept passing bag shops, so eventually we had to stop to check them out! The guy Tim and I had traveled with wanted to buy a couple for his wife, so I thought I'd hitch my hopes on his whim. It turned out that all the shops were wholesale, but the kindly foreign salesman agreed to sell us a few anyway. I got these two at 11 pounds a piece. I'm currently using the one on the right, but I can't wait to travel somewhere that I'll need a bigger bag for so I can use the one on the left. I think I'm a purse addict, but luckily for Tim my tastes run cheap. I have yet to see a designer bag I'd be willing to pay the big bucks for, and besides I like change too much to stick to one purse simply because it cost me a month's wages. Eleven pounds is about $22, which is just about the right price for a Reese purse.

Any other purse addicts reading this? I've been wondering if Heather still uses her purse, and if it's solved her lost keys issue...

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  1. I love those purses. They are so cute!

    As far as my purse issues, yes I am still using the smallest Zip It purse, and love it. About three weeks ago, I decided to run into the store with just my wallet and leave the purse behind. I then failed to put the wallet back in my purse and lost my wallet (with license, debit & credit card) for two weeks. I finally found my wallet and have vowed to not remove it from my purse again.

    I haven't lost my keys recently either! So, you were right, I needed a purse.

    Again...I love the purses you bought, especially the lime green/pink striped one!

    Love ya..Heather

  2. I love them both! And I'm glad you put in the conversion to dollars, because I didn't know what it was.

    I'm not a purse addict really since I'm too lazy to change my purse regularly and have not had appropriate storage for extra purses. I usually have one and carry it for a year or so, and then replace it with another long term purse. They usually stay in the brown family. I just recently bought one on etsy that is fabric, pink stripes with a flower print top in a boxy shape. I'll need to get something more in a fall/winter type soon. And I should have good storage to have more than one! Maybe I'm a closet purse addict? I'll let you know in about a year if I've come out.

    ~ Kayren

  3. Beautiful purses! I love purses, but since I'm still toting a diaper bag around, I can't justify buying many any more...someday!

  4. LOVE reading this blog!!

    I LOVE purses, too, but I paid a WHOLE lotta money for the one I have and even though its beat down and ragged, I can't see myself buying a new one yet. I did find two others that I LOVE but I am thinking someone (ahem - my husband) can buy me one as a gift, maybe a "just because" or an "I love you" gift. Maybe...

  5. Love the Purses! I would say that I am more of a Bag addict to include purses! I have way to many purses and bags and I just can not get rid of them!